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You Won't Believe How Much Money Pharrell and Robin Thicke Made With 'Blurred Lines'

spoiler alert: it's a lot.

The record companies definitely didn’t want to reveal the financial profit of the runaway hit song “Blurred Lines,” but in a high-profile copyright case like the one that Marvin Gaye's family brought up against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, the closely-guarded numbers had to be revealed.

Everyone knows "Blurred Lines" was the biggest hit of 2013, but it’s likely that no one outside of the parties involved knew that it brought in a whopping— drum roll, please-- $16,675,690 in profits.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, $5,658,214 of that went to Thicke, $5,153,457 was paid to Skateboard P and $704,774 was given to the lesser mentioned collaborator, T.I.. The rest, $5,159,245, went to the record companies.

Additionally, according to testimony and a subpoena of income, Thicke netted another $11 million in earnings from touring the song.

And let's not forget the, um, performance bonuses.

That’s a lot of coin for the Grammy-nominated single, but that means there’s more money that could potentially be awarded to the plaintiffs, who are seeking profits and damages for the alleged copyright infringement of Gaye’s "Got to Give It Up."