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Big Sean, Drake And Kanye Are Far From 'Blessed' In Dark And Stormy New Video  

Sean shows up with his video for 'Blessings.'

It's obvious from the title of Big Sean's single "Blessings" that he has a lot to be thankful for, but the track also has a very dark and moody undertone, thanks to that menacing beat.

And his new video for "Blessings" complements the vibe of the song perfectly.

The clip is shot entirely in black-and-white and includes cameos from Drake and Kanye, rapping in solo shots and also mobbing with Sean. It opens with the G.O.O.D. Music rapper framed against a very dark sky with stormy clouds moving rapidly behind him, and he eventually heads to the confessional booth.

Drake delivers most of his verse solo with a pretty bare background, but when Yeezus appears, things get a little more interesting. In addition to looking like a Greek god rapping from the top of Mount Olympus, we also get double Yeezy with some great dance moves.

Watch the video above, and watch MTV News follow Big Sean on a jets-set trip across three cities, in one day, to promote his latest album Dark Sky Paradise.