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9 Signs You're Just Settling For This Girl

Could you do better? Then you probably should.

She's kind of your friend. She's definitely a girl. She's your girlfriend ... you guess?

If you've, at best, fallen in like with her, chances are you've asked yourself whether you're in it to win it or settling for a consolation prize. Tonight on "Guy Code," the cast is talking about settling. Here are signs that you're doing just that.

  1. Your eyes glaze over when she talks

    You've mastered the art of the "uh huh" and the "oh wow," and you even throw in a few amused chuckles here and there just to show her how attentively you're listening to her tell another story about how she said whatever to Whatsherface. If conversations with her seem like a chore, perhaps it's time to work on finding a way out of this relationship?

  2. The sex is just OK

    Sex is like pizza: Even when it's bad, it's good -- but you still learn from your mistakes and order from a different place next time. If sex with her is about as exciting as the prospect of watching yet another episode of "The Bachelor," it's probably because "we both have genitals" is not enough of a foundation for a successful relationship.

  3. Your friends think she's annoying

    If your bros seem less than thrilled when you bring her around, maybe it's not just because they'll have to dial back their farts while in her presence. Your buddies are a fairly solid barometer of how suitable a girl is for you. If they sensed that you two were a good match, they would make more of an effort to include her ... or at least compliment you on her boobs every once in a while.

  4. You dread hanging out with her

    Sure, even the best of relationships have their ups and downs, but generally when you're dating someone you should, well, want to date them. If you've ever been annoyed that you guys are watching a movie because you'd rather clean your bathroom instead, this pairing may already be in the toilet.

  5. You said "I love you," even though you didn't mean it

    She said it first! What were you supposed to say? "Thank you"?! "Cool"?! Avoiding an awkward situation by disingenuously reciprocating an "I love you" may be the polite thing to do, but it's also an entry ticket to a level of your relationship that you never intended to sign up for in the first place. Be the first one to say "this isn't working"; she might just love you for it someday.

  6. You're won't plan a vacation with her that's more than a month away

    You're down for all kinds of romantic adventures with her, as long as they will occur sometime within the next few weeks. If you've avoided talking about that Memorial Day trip she really wants to take, it could be because a part of you knows this relationship will be just a memory by then.

  7. She'd be so great ... if only everything about her would change

    She's getting better at wanting to go out more often, you're working on getting her more into sports and you've mentioned a couple times that you like brunettes, so maybe eventually she'll dye her hair? Maybe eventually you'll realize that you should just find the girl you actually want to date.

  8. She's become your roommate

    If most of your conversations are centered around when the electric bill is due and whose turn it is to do the dishes, your commitment to settling has reached epic proportions. If she were The One, you would have realized it a while ago, or, at the very least, she would be more to you than just a live-in bro who you used to see naked a lot.

  9. You think about breaking up with her, but you keep chickening out

    Breakups suck. Wasting your time with someone you're not right for sucks even harder. She might be a nice girl, but you're not doing her any favors by sticking around just to avoid that one uncomfortable conversation. You've run through what you're going to say plenty of times alone in your car. Now be a man and end it, so that you can go home and cry like a baby while eating ice cream.

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