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Kanye West Is Fashion, According To This New Instagram

All other accounts have been forgotten.

While Justin Bieber has publicly claimed, "I Am Fashion," a new Instagram pretty much, um, proves that Kanye West is the rightful holder of that title. KanyeIsFashion, a brand new Instagram—it only posted its first photo a week ago!—imagines Kanye in a number of ~fashionable~ situations, including on the runway.

While Ye is long past this kind of Louis Vuitton Don style that landed him with a "South Park" parody and favors a much simpler look these days, you have to admit the photoshopping here is pretty LOL. Here are the seven best imagined scenarios so far, IMHO—I'm partial to the blue sweater, but peep 'em all to decide for yourself.

If that's not enough for you, here's a video of Kanye talking about his Adidas collection which is fashion, so, y'know, by the transitive property it counts. (I haven't taken math in so long.)