Ian Spanier

Leroy Says He And Nia Are The Bill Clinton And Monica Lewinsky Of 'The Challenge'

There's a reason they're doing so well on Season 26.

A 1998 affair involving a White House intern amounted to the impeachment of the 42nd President of the United States, but a similar tryst has led to nothing but greatness between a certain pair of "Challenge" exes.

Leroy and Nia, who allegedly hooked up on "Free Agents," have been flying high on "Battle of the Exes 2," notching a pair of Dome wins and a victory in the "Speed Dating" mission. So what's been the secret behind the recent success of the pair that has -- until "Exes" -- collectively gone 0-7? Leroy told MTV News at the taping of this season's reunion special (you can see his choice pre-game fuel below) that the duo's nonchalant hookup helped them avoid the drama of a typical relationship's fallout.

"We never dated," Leroy said. "We had our little hookup or whatever, so I think it made it easier. There was no history -- just us coming out of a bathroom. It was kind of like Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky."

And now Leroy, who hasn't lasted to a final mission since his first "Challenge" outing on "Rivals," feels confident that -- with his current partner by his side -- he might finally get a chance to stand in the winners' circle.

"First and foremost: Having Nia as a partner gave me a ton of confidence," Leroy said, adding he's really lucked out with the cards he's been dealt in The Dome too. "Every elimination that I went into was a physical one, and it was like a one-on-one. It was never us together...and I feel like no guy in the house can beat me."

Still, he shared that playing "Hooking Up" against Johnny and Averey nearly led to his undoing.

"That was, by far, the hardest elimination I've ever done in my life," he admitted. "TV doesn't show it any justice."

Think Leroy and Nia will finally be able to get a win on "Exes"? Tell us what you think of Leroy's words, and be sure to catch a brand-new "Challenge" episode next Tuesday night at 11/10c!