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Check Out How Accurate Kendall Jenner's New 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood' Avatars Are

In an interview with Adweek, Kim Kardashian revealed that when she began designing the looks for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, she pulled "thousands" of references for the outfits, shoes, and hair. She also revealed that new characters would be joining the digital world soon and—ta-da!—this morning, Kendall Jenner unveiled her avatars.

Arranged in chronological—and for unknown reasons, ascending height—order, Kendall has been introduced to the wildly popular game with three outfits, all within the same color palette. We never realized how into black, white, and cutouts Kendall is at events—thanks, Kim!

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The details are—as Kim explains in the interview—totally accurate. While Kendall's hair is the same at each event, at the 2013 American Music Awards she wore a lip and that's reflected on her digital twin.

While Kim teased Kendall and Kylie's addition together, we have yet to see Kylie's looks. One thing seems clear, though: The teal hair will be there in full force. We can't wait to see what outfits Kim has picked for her—she undoubtedly spent a lot of time on them.