Adam Murray

Did Gushers Transform Your Head Into A Strawberry? Here's Who To Call

This fictional lawyer fights for fruit snack victims everywhere.

"Gushers. Taste the blast."

Remember those commercials? Remember how consuming a single Gusher transformed every innocent child's head into a ginormous fruit? Comedian Adam "Atom" Murray is here to help those poor children.

In a hilarious new sketch, Murray poses as a lawyer named Calvin Hurst who fights for Gushers victims everywhere.

"Originally the sketch was going to be a '60 Minutes' kind of in-depth report on victims of Gushers fruit snacks," Murray wrote to us in an email. "My girlfriend pitched me the idea of it being for an injury lawyer instead, which is a much funnier idea."

In the vid, some of Hurst's clients never experienced the full side effects of the snack back in the '90s. They thought they got away with just a few bits of gummy goodness permanently stuck in their teeth. They were wrong.

Now, 10 years after consuming Gushers, people's heads are spontaneously transforming into strawberries, oranges, watermelons, oh my!

Adam Murray

Watch Hurst's totally legit commercial (plus client testimonials!) below:

"I was originally planning on using giant prosthetic fruit heads," Murray told us about the video's special effects. "But every make-up artist I talked to said that it'd cost somewhere in the $3,000 range to make three giant fruit heads." Instead, he teamed up with his friend Chris Korn, who used CGI to create the fruits -- a much cheaper method, Murray said.

"When we filmed it, we had the actors wear a bowler derby hat with brass pins in it so Chris could track the head, and then he [overlaid] the fruit and did some face distortion," Murray explained.

(Side note: Hurst also provides legal services to those affected by Capri Sun.)

Adam Murray

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