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Ariana Grande's New Song With Cashmere Cat Will Have You Screaming 'My My Myyyyy My My My My!'

'Don't pretend you're just a friend, boy,' Ari sings on the hot new track.

I have no idea what Ariana Grande is saying in this new song with Cashmere Cat, but her voice is as smooth as, um, cashmere. Fitting, huh? Like a soft, soft sweater.

"Adore," the new track from Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat (who also worked with Ari on her My Everything album), is a luxuriously sensual experience, with a throbbing beat, thunderous bass and the silkiness of Ariana's vocals, which come in like tiny explosions during the chorus.

"You don't owe me anything/ So are you ready babe," Ari sings, her words so smooth they almost melt together. She then gives us a blow-by-blow, referencing Johnny Gill's "My My My": "You got me screaming 'my my my mymymymy'/ And then I'm like, 'Oh! Yeah! mymy mymy my.'"

Oh my.