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Your State Is Ranked #1 … Is It For UFO Sightings, Facebook Users Or ‘Potty Mouths’?

Now you can (maybe) chant "We're #1!" and mean it.

You probably won't be surprised to learn that Florida leads the country in shark attacks. And maybe it's not shocking to hear that Californians brag on social media more than residents of any other state. But dig deep enough into all the surveys and statistics floating in the ether, and you're bound to find stranger and more niche categories, until you have a #1 ranking for every state in the union.

And that's exactly what home search website Estately did, combing through nationwide stats to determine exactly what each of the 50 states has the most of per capita. They compiled the findings in a map and the results ... may surprise you:

Some residents should be very proud! Nebraska has the nation's highest high school graduation rate, Hawaii has the most people who identify as LGBT and Alaska has the most veterans.

Other states, however, such as Alabama (which is tops in racist tweets) and Delaware (which has the most registered sex offenders per capita) may have preferred different facts to be highlighted on this map.

Meanwhile, some categories are just inexplicable. Texas has the most pet tigers, Arizona has the most UFO sightings and Pennsylvania listens to the most holiday music. But ya know what, we were raised being told we're all winners, and now we can all sincerely say our states are the best at something ... unfortunately, it's not always for the best reasons.