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Somehow, Suge Knight's Problems Seem To Be Getting Worse

The latest update on the rap mogul doesn't sound great.

(50 Cent reacts to Suge Knight's murder charge)

Suge Knight is facing more legal and health woes.

During a court hearing on Monday, the Death Row Records co-founder told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Brandlin that he had fired the attorneys who were representing him as he faces a murder charge, and that he has not been given proper medical treatment while in custody, according to the AP.

In addition, he said that he was blind in one eye and only had 15% vision in his other. He cited being shot six times last year for some of his medical problems, and said that he had lost 35 pounds.

The news comes a month after Knight was officially charged with murder for his alleged role in a hit-and-run that killed 55-year-old Terry Carter. The day after the charges were brought against the 49-year-old, he had a panic attack and was rushed to the hospital.

David Kenner, who was representing Knight, said recently that his client feared for his life.

“In my estimate, what some of the video shows is that Mr. Knight was called there as part of an ambush to kill him, and what he did in driving out in the manner and way in which he did was to avoid being killed,” he said last month.

Kenner was with Knight yesterday, but apparently that was not what the rap mogul wanted. "I fired these lawyers," he told the judge.

He initially appeared in front of Brandlin yesterday, who then decided to transfer the case to a different judge, but before that could happen, Knight was reportedly taken to the hospital.

He's currently being held without bail, with his next hearing scheduled for Mar. 9.