What Happens When You Strap Yourself In Mentos And Hop In A Bathtub Filled With Coke? Watch This

Some dude puts this science experiment to the test.

You know how if you drop some Mentos in a bottle of Coke, the soda will fizz up and explode like a geyser out of the bottle? Because #science? Shout-out to the cool science teachers -- they're not like regular science teachers -- who taught us that one.

Well, one rando guy on the Internet decided to test the limits of that chemical reaction. He straps dozens and dozens and dozens of Mentos around his body and hops into a bathtub filled with liters of Coke.

What happens?

Um, nothing. The liquid kinda fizzles for a bit, but doesn't really explode like you think it's going to. Kinda disappointing tbh. But it's OK, Internet -- there's always tomorrow.