Rob Carr/Getty Images

You Can Now Own A Katy Perry Left Shark Onesie

because why not?

Before the Super Bowl, the words “left” and “shark” strung together in a sentence held very little meaning. In fact, they held no meaning at all. Of course, after this year’s Katy Perry Halftime performance, things are different. Lives were shaped that night. Katy sang. A rogue sea creature danced. As Drake says, nothing was the same.

Now, you can own a piece of Left Shark history for yourself. You can even wear it, thanks to the official Katy Perry Left Shark “Belovesie” (which I guess is a word for a onesie that you’re really into). This “hooded jumpsuit,” currently available for pre-order from Katy's site, has it all: a befuddled expression, a “Katy Perry” logo on the back. and what appears to be a potential crotch zipper. You’re welcome.

If you love Left Shark but aren’t quite ready to take the full onesie leap, there’s also a “Current Mood” Left Shark t-shirt, a far subtler take on the trend.

You guys, I have a birthday coming up. Just FYI.