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One Direction's Look Was Inspired By...The Spice Girls?

Caroline Watson talks to The Muse about styling 1D.

As iconic as 'NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys' color-coordinated, thick-ribbed turtlenecks are, you've got to give it up for One Direction's signature boy band style. They look handsome when standing in a group, handsome when standing solo, and especially handsome when ZAYYYYYYN -- and that's all thanks to their stylist from day one, Caroline Watson.

Watson revealed what it's like to style the biggest boy band on the planet in a new interview with The Muse posted Monday (Mar. 2), including the role the Spice Girls played in styling the group.

"I wanted them to be like the male equivalent to the Spice Girls. When I say 'the Spice Girls,' I mean being in a group but having an identity. Everyone wore different things and no two girls looked the same. I wanted to create that with the boys."

I was really hoping she'd pull out some photos of the lads wearing platform shoes and dresses patterned with the UK flag from some long-forgotten test shoot, but this story's cool, too.

Oh, and in case you've been wondering, Watson confirms that Harry will not be buttoning his shirt up anytime soon.