Justin Bieber Is Still Trolling Seth Rogen

How is this going to play out?

Justin Bieber really wants Seth Rogen to roast him.

A few days before his birthday on March 1 Bieber requested Rogen come to his Comedy Central Roast -- which is taping later this month -- as a bday present. Rogen has been known to publicly criticize Bieber's antics, once calling him a "piece of sh--t," but March 1 came and went without a peep from the comedian.

Well, it seems like Justin isn't giving up. Today (March 2), he tried again, baiting his followers to join in with a hashtag campaign.

And they joined in.

He also made sure to put a link to his feature on Skrillex & Diplo's album, so if his tweets get any exposure (hello, I'm writing about it now), we'll be sure to check out his track.

So, I guess it's Rogen's move now.

The "Roast of Justin Bieber" will air March 30 at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.