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ESPN Host Bashes Iggy Azalea And Her Boyfriend Nick Young Comes To The Rescue

Ice cold.

Iggy Azalea said goodbye to Twitter because she can't deal with the hate anymore, but she still has her boyfriend Nick Young to defend her. And, boy did she need that after an episode of ESPN's SportsCenter that aired on Sunday night (Mar. 1).

During the "What Did We Learn?" segment, Robert Flores pretty much dipped a dagger in poison and sent it flying straight at Azalea and her rap career.

A little backstory: Iggy's boyfriend, Lakers player Nick Young, recently revealed that a dolphin tried to kill him on vacation.

So, Flores came up with this one: "Nick while dolphins are trying to kill you, your girlfriend's trying to kill hip-hop. Let's call it even, okay?"

And he didn't even blink after dropping that bomb. Oh my.

Anyway, Nick Young wasn't going to let that fly. He hit Twitter to confront Flores.