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See Lady Gaga's Latest Eyebrow-Raising Accessories

Pun intended.

Between slaying at the Oscars and freezing her weave off in Lake Michigan, Lady Gaga might be the busiest person on the planet. Thankfully, the Cheek To Cheek diva took some time to deliver one of the most (literally) eyebrow-raising street style choices that the sidewalks of New York City have ever seen: "chain brows."

"Chain brows?" you might be thinking. "What in the name of all that is holy/Beyonce is a 'chain brow?'"

THESE, my friends. These are chain brows.

I mean, you'd think that when Gaga hits the town in a full-length bright blue leather jacket dress with buckle detailing and a matching night porter hat designed by her stylist/fashion magician Brandon Maxwell (who you can thank for her stunning silver Grammys gown, BTW), no one would be able to tear their eyes away from it.

Well, think again—her bejeweled, dangly gold eyebrow accessories are what really had everyone talking. And, like, how could they not? SHE HAS GOLD CHAINS SWINGING FROM HER EYEBROWS, PEOPLE.

As usual, Gaga's latest avant garde sartorial choice has left me with a few questions: Can she even see anything? Is there some top secret super-strength eyelash glue holding them on? Will she be wearing them in American Horror Story? Should I start scouring the internet for my own pair? Do they come in hot pink? Are chain brows officially a thing now?!?!?!?

Feel free to shoot me an email with the answers when you have time, Lady G. I gotta know.