Ian Spanier

Jonna Responds To Zach's Heated 'Challenge' Critiques: 'It's F---ed Up'

The 'Battle of the Exes 2' cast member is glad to have finally given her ex a piece of her mind.

Time might heal all wounds, but that doesn't mean it can't carve fresh ones, too.

On 2012's "The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons," Zach, a rookie, was reduced to tears at the thought of life without his new crush Jonna (you can catch their teary exchange below), but three years and a corresponding failed relationship later, his tune has changed, to say the least. On last week's "Battle of the Exes 2" episode, though Zach was at fault for a penalty he and his ex-girlfriend incurred, he nevertheless continued his trend of loudly shaming Jonna. Typically, Jonna might keep her mouth shut and accept the role of scapegoat, but finally, before a trip to The Dome, she stood up and bit back at her partner -- and she told MTV News at the recent filming of this season's reunion special that she's very glad she did.

"Before, I would get sad or upset or whatever, but now, it's just done. It's almost like therapy," Jonna said between hair and makeup sessions at the shoot (you can see her new look below). "It felt good."

Jonna added that she was shocked to hear Zach speak so negatively about her and the show's other female cast members, and that watching the show back has been a pretty discouraging experience.

"I mentioned something to him like 'I don't say anything bad about you in my interviews,' and he was like 'I say a lot of bad things,'" she recalls. "But when I actually saw it on the show, I couldn't believe it. Like, he compares me to that guy from 'Of Mice and Men'? That's f***ed up."

"I can't figure it out if it's self-projection," she added. "I feel like when he's sitting there, he's talking about issues that he has himself -- but then blames everything on me."

Do you agree with Jonna's words? Catch the next "Battle of the Exes 2" tomorrow night at 11/10c, and wait for a brand-new "EX-iled" episode to see if the freshly eliminated Zach and Jonna can win their ways back into the game!