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Kim Kardashian's Latest Magazine Cover Is Totally Unexpected

While it's certainly not unusual to see Kim Kardashian on the cover of a magazine, her latest is a bit unexpected because, well, she's on the cover of Adweek. Based on the headline—"OMG, It's Kim On Our Cover!"—the magazine is as surprised as we are. Not surprising at all, though, is how sleek she looks.


On the cover, she wears a turtleneck Atsuko Kudo dress—similar to the one she wore the other night, BTW—and holds some pixelated sunglasses. While they don't drop onto her face from above, the Deal With It meme reference is obvious. Kim is taking over—deal with it.


The majority of the interview focuses on Kim's game—Kim Kardashian: Hollywood—and the corresponding spread takes its inspiration from the game—according to Kim, it's as if the "video game came to life."

Here, she wears another Atsuko Kudo look while standing next to the faux-digital version. It's probably the only time someone will wear latex in Adweek, right?


In the interview, Kim details how involved she is with the game and, especially, how much work goes into picking the different outfits, shoes, and hairstyles. Even when a minor detail is ~off~, Kim makes sure it's rectified—she explains, "One time there was a strap wrong on one of the character's shoes—her feet weren't matching. I had to change the programming to fix that. It was important to me that everything is right." While players are probably too busy trying to make their way onto the A-list to realize a detail like that, it's nice to know that Kim is lookin' out.

You can read the rest of her interview on Adweek's site and go behind the scenes at the shoot, below!