Watch A Guy Pretend To Be An Oscar Winner ... And Get Treated Like Royalty

All it takes to prank Hollywood is a tux and a fake trophy.

Not everyone who wins an Academy Award is a world-famous movie star. Many of the winners are no-name industry folks who are nominated for unsexy technical categories. And one brave man apparently exploited this fact on Oscar night.

In the video below, Mark David Christenson sets out to dupe the public, claiming that he'd just won the golden statue in his hand. Unsurprisingly, L.A. residents stopped him to take pictures. He also got into "his" movie for free, and strangers gave him phone numbers and free stuff. Eventually, he just waltzed right into the VIP area of the actual ceremony (wonder how many new security measures that will spawn next year?).

By the end of the night, people had even convinced themselves they'd seen his acceptance speech! And it culminated with a parking lot attendant being so trustworthy of this supposed Oscar winner that they gave Christenson "his" BMW from valet parking even though he had no ticket, if this video is to be believed.

And then Christenson sped off into the night, blasting "Hollywood Nights," never to be heard from again. (Kidding, he immediately returned the stranger's car and explained the prank.)