Is Daryl Dixon Ever Going To Bathe? (And Other Vital Questions From 'The Walking Dead')

The latest episode left many mysteries still unraveled.

After an hour inside the walls of a zombie-free, manicured, suburban safe zone on last night's (March 1) episode of "The Walking Dead," things are looking up for Rick Grimes and his ramshackle family of drifters. Our heroes have a roof, a shower, a steady supply of food and water and toothbrushes; and hey, Carl hung out with some fellow tweens and didn't try to murder any of them!

However, it might be a little bit early to start celebrating the group's return to community and normalcy. There are still plenty of mysteries swirling around the nature of Alexandria and its inhabitants -- and around the nature of our heroes, too. Here are our most burning questions after watching "Remember."

  1. Is Rick having a meet-cute with his pretty neighbor?

    There was definitely some chemistry in the air when a freshly-shaved Rick answered the door to find the lovely blonde Jessie holding a basket of edibles. (If this were a different sort of show, the cheesy porno music would have cued up right around the time that she offered to cut his hair, if you know what I'm saying.) On one hand, this is an unwelcome development if you've been pulling for a Rick-Michonne romance. On the other, a "Desperate Housewives"-style plotline would be a whole new thing for "The Walking Dead."

  2. Did Rick just break bad?

    Rick gave an impassioned speech to Deanna about the dangers of opening Alexandria's gates, lest they let in bad guys -- only to have it turn out that he was really talking about himself. Rick has vowed take over the safe zone if they can't play well with the people living there. Have our heroes lived long enough to see themselves become the villains?

  3. What's up with Enid?

    The second-most-recent refugee to arrive in Alexandria is clearly hiding some secrets underneath her facade of teen angst. Might she be the culprit who stole Rick's gun out of the trash heap blender?

  4. Where's Michonne's constable outfit?

    Not to nit-pick, but it seems pretty unfair that Rick gets a cool tie and button-down to officialize his role as lawman, and Michonne doesn't. At least give her a hat. C'mon.

  5. Did Deanna get taken in by Carol's amazing performance?

    Carol was so convincing in her "den mother" monologue that I personally had to go back and rewatch some earlier episodes, just to make sure I hadn't hallucinated the part where she evolved from the abused wife of a vile husband to being the kind of hardass who will set people on fire for the good of the group. But does the Alexandrian leader know she's being had?

  6. And is Deanna really what she seems?

    The thing about being a professional poker player that Deanna failed to mention: It means that she's just as good at deceiving people as she is at reading them. We're guessing there's more to her than meets the eye.

  7. Which Rick is hotter: Road Rick, or Sheriff Rick?

    By far the most important question to emerge from this week's episode: Is Rick Grimes sexier with or without his outta-control facial hair? DISCUSS.

  8. And finally, will Daryl ever bathe?

    We get it: Daryl Dixon is an outside cat who can't be tamed. However, keeping in mind that the man's last two meals were earthworms and dog meat, the least he could do is brush his damn teeth.