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Rick Ross Turned Up With Bill Murray And There Are Photos To Prove It

This unlikely duo appear to be having the best time ever.

Rick Ross is already the biggest ‘Bawse’ that you’ve seen thus far, so there’s already so many reasons to be jealous of him.

Now there’s one more: he got to turn up with none other than Bill “Motherf—ckin’” Murray.

The Most Interesting Man In Acting linked up with the Hood Billionaire Saturday (Feb. 28) night after attending the Rhode Island vs. La Salle basketball game in Philadelphia.

Somehow, even Paul Shaffer from “Late Show With David Letterman” got in on the action.

If this scenario sounds totally random, it is. But that’s what makes it that much more awesome.

As it happens, Bill’s son, Luke, is Rhode Island’s assistant coach and the Murray men were in a celebratory mood because the Rams won.

Luckily for us, Luke and Ricky Rozay both took to Twitter to document the whole thing.

Since they were all in the studio, let’s just hope that Rick Ross was able to get his new BFF Bill Murray on an upcoming track.

One can only hope!