You Have To See This Video Of A Naked Man Climbing Out Of Buckingham Palace

But is it real?

Millions of tourists visit Buckingham Palace every year, but—and we’re just guessing here—none of them would expect to see a naked man escaping from one of its upper level windows by climbing out using a bed sheet before falling between the balustrades.

In the latest video to go viral (817,000 plus views and counting), an unidentified man is doing just that during the changing of the guard, as two women look on from across the street.

The 43-second clip uploaded by Anders Dahlerg looks so real that many conspiracy theorists have used it to confirm their belief that sexual depravity and corruption run amuck at the Palace.

But, of course, there are those that have debunked the video. Filmmaker Jon Rosling does a very good job of breaking down the video’s flaws using Internet Download Manager and Google StreetView.

“Already it’s obvious that there are some differences between the video and the actual Palace,” Rosling said. “The video was posted by Anders Dahlberg and is the only video (currently) on his YouTube Channel. I’ve not done any digging but it wouldn’t surprise me if he worked in the film industry or was studying to. What he appears to have done is matte some footage from another clip of another building over the top of the Palace. It’s not impossible but it has been done quite intricately. Either way, he deserves some credit – I thought this was quite convincingly done and there are plenty of people out there still who believe it’s real!! Nice work Anders!”

You be the judge. Is it real or fake?