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If 16-Year-Olds Vote In Public Elections, Will Things Change? One Town May Soon Find Out

Vermont initiative seeks to make 16 the minimum voting age for town elections.

Residents of Brattleboro will vote on Tuesday to decide whether the minimum voting age will be reduced to 16 for local elections, according to the AP.

The proposal was introduced by local resident Kurt Daims, and it would allow anyone age 16 and up to vote in town elections. The minimum voting age of 18 would remain intact for state and federal elections.

The AP reports that Town Clerk Annette Cappy claims there hasn't been much vocal support for the measure among older voters. Considering that the very citizens who would benefit from this change don't even get to vote for it, you could reasonably expect the results to skew that way as well.

But imagine the brave new world in which 16-year-olds get go to the ballot box (with their fresh new drivers licenses)! Campaign ads would use memes, the voting process would have to be changed from pulling a lever to double-tapping a touchscreen and exit polls would just trend toward whichever candidate voters were crushing on. So, actually, not so different from the current election process.