Scoopi Cafe

What Is In A $817 Scoop Of Ice Cream?

The world's most expensive ice cream sounds kinda gross.

Are 817 pesky dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Well, has Scoopi Cafe got an offer for you!

First, you'll need to hop a flight to Dubai. Then, cool your jet lag with the Black Diamond – it contains Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream, Iranian saffron and Italian black truffle – all topped off with 23-karat edible gold.

To boot, the creamy pillow of cash-draining goodness is nestled inside a Versace bowl – which you get to take home once you're done scraping every dollars' worth of melted cream from its surface with an equally-opulent Versace spoon (you can keep that, too).

Call us crazy, but if we're gonna spend that much on ice cream, we'd rather do it in bulk – and on flavors that include actual delicious ice cream-appropriate ingredients like chocolate and caramel and cookies. One scoop of Black Diamond is the equivalent of roughly 160 pints of Ben & Jerry's. The rich may eat like a king for a day, but the thrifty enjoy months' worth of Vermont-churned goodness.