Will Taylor Swift Grant This Four-Year-Old's Dying Wish?


Four-year-old Jalene Salinas was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April 2014 – and now, doctors are saying she only has weeks left to live. So what's Jalene's dying wish? To dance to "Shake it Off" with her idol Taylor Swift.

Jalene's mother Jennifer Arriga has chronicled her daughter's progress via Facebook, and members of Jalene's family and community have sparked a campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #ShakeItOffJalene in hopes of making her last wish come true.

As USA Today reports, Arriga asks her daughter, "And you always say shake it off because you want to shake off what?" To which Jalene replies, "Cancer."

According to People, Swift has already sent memorabilia and a signed poster to Jalene – but they're hoping to connect with the singer during Jalene's final days.

We already know Taylor has a huge heart when it comes to her fans, and we're sure she's doing everything she can to make Jalene's wish come true. While the two may never meet face to face, it's incredibly inspiring to see a musician's work help someone so young through the unimaginable. Our thoughts are with Jalene and her family.