Watch Dakota Johnson Embarrass Her Parents During Her 'SNL' Monologue

They're really good sports.

You just had to know a Dakota Johnson-hosted "Saturday Night Live" was going to be chock full of "Fifty Shades of Grey" jabs – and last night's show didn't disappoint.

The writers wasted no time peppering Johnson's monologue with hilarious barbs like, "Fifty Shades of Grey is based on the best-selling novel that made you never want to touch your mother's Kindle again" and "Doing this movie has completely changed my life...my dog walker gives me a little wink every time he takes the leash off the wall."

Our favorite happens to be Johnson's saucy delivery of, "I don't want to speak too soon, but I have a funny feeling that at next year's Oscars it's gonna be nooooot anywhere."

The biggest surprise came when Johnson discussed her mother Melanie Griffith's hosting gig in 1988, and suggested that she was conceived shortly thereafter. The camera cut to Johnson's famous parents, Griffith and Don Johnson, in the front row. The two looked appropriately embarrassed, but not for obvious reasons. "We were just afraid you were gonna be naked," her dad quipped.

And the jokes didn't end at the opening monologue – there was a full sketch devoted to "Fifty Shades," in the form of a press junket where Johnson was forced to field some...unorthodox...questions from a surprising source. Middle schooler Peter Scott Finlay (played by Kyle Mooney) purports to always gets a scoop, and his inappropriately detailed and probing (ehem) questions disarm and embarrass Johnson in hilarious fashion.

Now that Johnson is on board for two more "Fifty Shades" sequels, she should have plenty of material to work with for her next SNL hosting gig!