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From The Bieber Flip To #BlondBieber: 21 GIFs Of Justin Bieber's Beautiful Hair In Action

Today is Justin Bieber's 21st birthday! It's a huge milestone for the pop wunderkind, so we're celebrating in the exact way that we would have wanted people to throw down for our 21st birthday: with GIFS. *insert smiling devil emoji here* Ok, so it's not fireworks and a bottle of Dom (or whatever it is he's holding in this peek at his actual party), but it's something. Also, it's very hard to reflect on JB's growth from Kidrauhl to today without noticing how much his hair has changed over the years, so just GO WITH IT.

  1. Obviously, we have to start with the classic Bieber flip.
  2. This was how we first came to know Bieber and his hair.
  3. His majestic, silky hair...
  4. Few knew the work that went into achieving this look.
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  5. But we all appreciated the end product.
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  6. As Bieber got older, the style changed.
  7. It got a little shorter.
  8. At least one time, a little darker.
  9. He tried it artfully mussed.
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  10. Swooped in the opposite direction.
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  11. And even drooping eeeeeever so slightly.
  12. As he's aged, he's gotten more comfortable.
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  13. He's better about just letting it do its thing.
  14. Or even intentionally f--king it up.
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  15. Messing with it for emphasis during performances.
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  16. Or during editorial shoots.
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  17. But he also knows when a situation calls for that pristine Bieber hair.
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  18. These days, he's working with a longer, blonder, more organic look.
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  19. And while this might be an unpopular opinion, it's working for me, OK????
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  20. Go on with this new 'do, Biebsy! I'm into this grungier undone look.
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  21. Just don't get any bleach on your brows, that's where I draw the line.