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Ab-Soul Says '47 Bars' Might Get Him Dropped From TDE: Listen

Ab-Soul pays tribute to the deceased, and makes some controversial statements.

Ab-Soul clearly knows his latest track “47 Bars” will make some noise, which is likely why he released it with a statement about just what might happen when people hear these rhymes.

“I might get dropped from the label for this one, but f--k it,” Soul said in a tweet that also unleashed the track.

Perhaps one of the song’s most "controversial" lines comes when Soul talks about dresses -- and no, he’s isn’t referencing the dress that recently drove the Internet insane.

“Hate to address it,” he raps. “But n——s wearin’ dresses now? Hey, it do cost a lot to live this here lifestyle/Cash Money talk, bullis--t walk a million miles/And I don’t even write, so where am I supposed to draw the line?”

Pretty sure that line will have fans talking about what it could mean. (And for information on how to fight LGBTQ bias, visit But the song is also about much more than controversy.

On the cut, Soul pays homage to artists who are no longer with us by saying the song was “ghostwritten by Capital STEEZ," and also explaining how he flies with his former girlfriend Loriana “Alori Joh” Johnson’s angel wings.

Soul also takes a few bars to reminds us of 2Pac’s lessons from 1996’s “Blasphemy,” and The Notorious B.I.G.'s advice from 1994’s “Warning.”

There’s a lot to take in on “47 Bars,” from a shoutout to Rapsody to a ton of complex rhymes with multiple meanings, so if nothing else, the track is another sign that we need more Soulo music. Hopefully this doesn't get Ab-Soul dropped from TDE, because it sounds like he's inspired to drop new material soon.

And of course, we're all still waiting for that elusive Black Hippy album.