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This Elderly Couple Died Holding Hands, Basically Proving True Love Is Real

Love is real.

An elderly couple from Fresno, California, died just hours apart, literally holding hands. Oh, and they had been married for 67 years, in case you were wondering if true love was still real.

Floyd and Violet Hartwig passed away peacefully at home, just five hours apart. Floyd, 90, passed first, followed by Violet, who was 89 years old.

The Fresno Bee

The couple married on August 16, 1947. They met at a dance hall in Central California while Floyd, who was in the Navy, was visiting his home on shore leave. After World War II ended, the Hartwigs kept a small farm together. They ended up having four grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren in total.

They died together on February 11. Violet had been struggling with dementia, while Floyd suffered from kidney failure.

"They wanted to go together," said their daughter, Donna Scharton. "It was meant to be that way."