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Here's What It's Like To Be Kanye West Before He Takes The Stage: Watch

Some seriousness, some smiles and some hugs. Here's Yeezy's pre-show experience.

We all saw Kanye West tear down the BRIT Awards with a fire-shooting performance of "All Day," but what was Yeezy like just before he took the stage?

Thanks to the BRIT Awards, we now have an exclusive look at Yeezy backstage before heating things up.

In the incredibly rare candid video, Kanye is mostly quiet and calm. It's almost like he's meditating on awesomeness.

BRIT Awards

But 'Ye also has time to huddle up with the squad, a team of U.K. rappers you should pay attention to.

BRIT Awards

Now, we know Yeezus doesn't like to cheese in front of cameras. But don't worry. Kanye actually did smile (even if just a little) before he hit the stage for "All Day."

BRIT Awards

And he even got some supportive hugs.

BRIT Awards

All while gearing up to command the stage.

Take a look at Yeezy's full pre-show experience below.