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What's It Like To Tattoo Kanye West? His Artist Shares These Awesome Details

Of course Kim K was there to take Yeezy's 'mind off the pain.'

So, what is it like to tattoo Kanye West?

Yeezy recently went to Sang Bleu's Maxime Buchi for some interesting ink dedicated to his mother and daughter. Buchi, who met West through Virgil Abloh, says that creating the tat was actually a year-and-a-half process. In that time, the two brainstormed design ideas. But when they finally met up, things really began taking shape.

"What was really interesting was that we looked at a book from engraver Albrecht Dü​rer, who's a classic engraver,” Buchi told Complex. "He saw the lettering that was in those traditional engravings and he was like, 'What about something more like this?’”

Kanye West wasn’t just the customer here. Naturally, he was a huge part of the creative process, too.

“He really put in a lot of input design-wise, especially on the letters, which ended up being numbers,” Buchi explained. "We chose numbers transcribed in lower case Roman numerals, which is fairly unusual, and it’s totally a collaboration. That was really a tough thing, I would have never come up with it myself. He totally masterminded the entire thing.”

The result? An incredible homage to North West and Donda West.

And of course Kim Kardashian was by West’s side to convince him not to get a face tat, but she also was able to help West in other ways.

"[Kanye] came with Kim as well, who helped take his mind off the pain,” Buchi said. "He was working on the computer with Kim really. They were going through some images. Before the tattoo, we had a chat and we went through some photo shoot images that he did for his clothing and stuff.”

It’s no surprise, but Buchi said the photos Kanye showed him "were really beautiful.”

We don’t doubt it. From breaking into tears during an interview to public apologies to stars, you can always count on Kanye to keep things interesting.