'Once Upon A Time': 6 Things To Know Before The Queens Of Darkness Take Over

It's gonna get real crazy up in here.

Obviously, a whole lot went down during the "Frozen" era of "Once Upon a Time." However, not all of that will come into play once season 4b premieres on Sunday night (March 1) -- after all, Anna and Elsa did get their happy ending, far away in Arendelle.

But while they were finding true love and eating chocolate, the residents of Storybrooke, Maine were finding their lives changing from bad to worse... and judging by the fact that the Queens of Darkness -- Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent -- are rolling into town, things won't be "happily ever after" anytime soon. Here's what you need to know before you tune in:

  1. Rumple is gone-zo.

    The biggest change for Storybrooke shippers will definitely be that Rumbelle is dead and buried -- and Rumple has crossed the border from Storybrooke into the real world, which means he can (theoretically) never return. What's worse, he was forced out by Belle, who finally realized that he was not her Prince Charming but a Beast, through and through.

    In other words -- look for Rumple looking for revenge mixed with redemption, as per the usual. Probably with the QoDs, since we saw him reaching out to Ursula in New York City right before the break.

  2. ... And so is Robin Hood.

    Rumple wasn't the only one forced to leave Storybrooke. Robin, Marian, and their son Roland were forced to leave to save Marian's life, which meant a tearful goodbye for Outlaw Queen. However, Robin will still be part of the show, so look for him in modern clothes, getting used to the Internet and stuff.

  3. Operation Mongoose is 100 percent happening.

    Henry and Regina discussed their desire to find "The Author" of the book -- and change some of its crappy endings -- in the beginning of the season, but Anna, Elsa, and Rumple kind of put a dent in their plans. Instead, Mongoose will take up a large part of 4b, but with a twist -- Rumple is now on the hunt for the Author, too.

  4. There will be more of the Sorcerer... though no one will say who that is.

    Are the Sorcerer and the Author the same person? Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowtiz wouldn't tell EW (obviously), but still -- expect to see more of this mysterious man/woman whose hat absorbs so much power throughout the spring. All we know is that he/she is older than Rumple, and comes with a whole lot of secrets!

  5. Captain Swan is doing okay... for now.

    The good news is, Hook got his heart back, and Emma finally realized that she could use some Irish lovin'. The bad news (and there's always bad news) is that every promo for this half of the season heavily suggests that Emma will be a major target of the Queens. You know, because she's the savior and all.

  6. The Charmings might not be so... you know, Charming.

    Per Zap2It, the big theme this half of the season will be heroes and villains, and where each of our characters sits on that spectrum.

    ... Which isn't surprising given the history of this show, but what is a shock is that the Charmings will have the toughest time making their choice between good and evil. Apparently, we haven't seen all of their flashbacks just yet, and one of them might just have a hidden history with the QoDs...