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Kanye West And Dame Dash Reunited To Executive Produce 'Loisaidas': Watch The First Episode

Together again.

Kanye West and Dame Dash have collaborated on some remarkable creations, dating back to their days at Roc-A-Fella Records. But once Dame and Jay Z parted way, and Kanye rode with Hov, those creations came to a halt.

The two are back at it again this week, though, with the release of the first episode of "Loisaidas," their new film about life on the streets of Harlem. Dash directed and executive produced the project, while Yeezy also served as an executive producer.

After their relationship splintered following the Roc breakup, we saw a reconciliation in the form of Dame introducing 'Ye at BET Honors earlier this month, where the rapper received the Visionary Award. It was apparent that the two still liked and respected one another.

After the episode, there are a couple music videos and appearances from Murda Mook, the Lox, Smoke DZA. This is the first out of seven "Loisaidas" episodes.

Warning: There's some graphic violence in here.

"Loisaidas" Episode 1 from DD172 on Vimeo.

"I hope everyone is enjoying this experience...this straight to consumer way is the only way that adds up and it's works," Dame wrote on Instagram, later adding that they had been shooting for six years. "I was able to make the movie I want and put it out when I felt like it and my core appreciaters of the art were able to see it first... No biz that's called proof of concept... And it can work for everybody you just have to believe in your self and put up your own bread...and fight for what you believe in...yourself...thank everyone that's supporting...its appreciated and I'm gonna keep making movies and trust me not all violent and its not just me doing it its the whole team."

You can purchase the full episode at the official site.