Diplo & Skrillex Unleash Brand-New Bieber Track -- And All Of The Party

Jack Ü is here.

Damn it, Diplo and Skrillex! Why do you have to make us want to party before the weekend has officially hit?

During a 24-hour, online DJ session, the two musicians dropped their debut surprise collaborative record, Skrillex & Diplo Present Jack Ü -- and it features not only the likes of Missy Elliott, 2 Chainz and Kiesza, but also the first new music we're heard from Justin Bieber in a minute. Devious, dudes. Devious.

After spinning tracks for, like, a whole day via their Website, the EDM heavyweights officially came out as Jack Ü with 10 tracks, all of which are primed to have you undulating in your swivel chair, itching for the end-of-day whistle to blow (if you work at a coal mine -- or in a Looney Toon).

Check out the tracks we here at MTV News are blasting to get ready for the impending collection of work-free days below.

  1. "Febreze," featuring 2 Chainz

    You know those Fridays where you just wanna get rude, it's been such a long week? Are you currently having one? Well, this is the track for you to dance the pain away to. I mean, the chorus is basically, "I'm the sh-t/ I should have Febreze on me" -- which, admittedly, is pretty visceral and gross. But visceral and gross is what we need right now, guys. We need it. And you are, indeed, so awesome you should mask your overwhelming coolness with a concentrated chemical spray. Or something. Is it time to go home yet?

  2. "Jungle Bae," featuring Bunji Garlin

    I don't know about you all, but I definitely want to dance with my bae tonight -- and I do not mean my cat, Edie. Ragga soca artist Bunji Garlin guests on this track, urging us to put our hands up (eff what Lorde says!) which I, personally, think will make it a little hard to effectively dance with my bae, but, whatever, Bunji knows best.

  3. “Take Ü There," featuring Kiesza -- the Missy Elliott Remix

    Missy Elliott just gets everything started -- as she proved handily at the Super Bowl. Throw in Kiesza and you'll be dancing down the street all night -- you know, like Kiesza in that video. Fun fact! That video was filmed in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, so it's the double the party tonight if you're listening to that jam and hanging with me. Also, I'll probably be eating some pizza at some point.

  4. "Where Are Ü Now?" featuring Justin Bieber

    Where am I now, Biebs? I guess wherever it is that Missy took me -- which is into this smooth, sultry, end-of-the-night song. Night, night any and all iterations of bae!