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A$AP Rocky Thinks He Had More Style When He Was Broke

Sometimes, at least.

With just one studio album to his name, A$AP Rocky has become a full-fledged fashion icon, creating trends as quickly as he dismisses them, becoming a front row fixture, and having his own Adidas sneakers with Jeremy Scott. With all of those fashion accolades, the fame and the money that Rocky has garnered over the years, you'd think he'd be at the top of his game, style-wise. You could make that assumption just by looking into his closet. But according to Rocky, his style peaked back when he was broke.

"I remember being poor and thinking, 'Man, I wish I could afford those clothes that Pharrell is wearing, or Kanye’s wearing,'" he recalls in a interview with Complex. "I couldn’t afford it, so I would get a girlfriend to do it, or I would hustle. All I cared about was my clothes. When I was still broke, I felt like I had more style. I still feel that way—well, maybe not for real.

If anything, the always-confident Rocky seems like he's been humbled—especially when he talks knowing that there's always someone next in line for the throne. "I just feel like there’s going to be another kid that comes along—maybe he’s not even going to be from New York—and he’s just going to represent fashion the way that I did, but better, or in a different form, and that’s all that matters," he said.

It even sounds like Rocky is embracing a new mentor role (aww). "They’re gonna be way jiggier than me because they’re younger, they’re more advanced," he continued. "At the end of the day, this is a blessing, but I’m not going to be who I am forever for New York. There’s gonna be another guy to come along and do it even better than I did it, and I just hope that me and that kid get along, so I can be happy for him."

You can read the full interview on Complex's website.