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Whoops, Kim Kardashian And Rita Ora Wore (Practically) The Same Dress To The Same Event

Though there are thousands of dresses on this Earth—some more famous than others (at the moment)—Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora both wore very similar ones. On the same night. To the same event. What are the chances??

Well, if you're both women who can manage to look good in skintight latex dresses and are ~up~ on designer Atsko Kudo, the chances go up significantly. There aren't that many people who fit that description, y'know?

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At Mert & Marcus' House Of Love Party For Madonna, Rita wore hers with nude heels, her platinum hair slicked back, and low-key makeup. The top of Rita's dress is, like, a halter-turtleneck hybrid. It's serving up some serious 50 Shades Of Grey vibes with its metal hardware embellishments.

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Kim's, on the other hand, was full coverage—no cutouts in her turtleneck. Kim also paired her shiny pink dress with slicked back hair and low-key makeup, which highlighted just how insane her eyelashes are. I know they're augmented by false lashes, but, dang, they are impressive.

So, two women, two very similar dress, one event—whose look do you prefer? Vote below!

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