'Eye Candy' Poll: Can Lindy Ever Trust Tommy Again?

After a series of shocking discoveries, she believes the detective -- and the entire Cyber Crimes Unit -- did her wrong.

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but after a series of bombshell "Eye Candy" revelations, Lindy's bound to have trouble differentiating the two.

On tonight's episode, the computer sleuth helped the Cyber Crimes Unit (CCU) investigate a man with a penchant for prostitutes -- but, while scouring the website he used to hire them, she came across something unexpected. Among the call girls pictured: her missing sister Sara.

Lindy immediately called George, asking him to authenticate the photo. "This picture wasn't Photoshopped," he soon announced. "It's real."

"That means she's alive," Lindy gasped.

But did it? L's trusty sidekick then realized that the photo had indeed been manipulated: Someone had hidden a file in the image. To be exact, it was Lindy's CCU case file from when she was busted by her own boyfriend -- the late Ben -- for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. And George knew exactly who was behind the insertion: the Flirtual Killer.

"It's him," he told Lindy. "He's playing with you."

But why? Apparently, to prove that the CCU had done Lindy wrong long before she'd even met them -- and turn her against the detectives.

Hacking into the file, Lindy found taped conversations and even video that pieced together the apparent betrayal. The CCU, she realized, had first started tailing her as part of their plan to catch Bubonic, that world-famous hacker we met three weeks ago. With her expert computer skills, they believed, she'd catch Bubonic's attention, and when the two hooked up, the CCU would nab him.

"I'll go undercover, meet Lindy and become a part of her life," Tommy had said. "And when Bubonic does recruit her, I'll be there."

The CCU even came up with a plan to ensure the two met: head honcho Catherine had posed as a "client" who hired Bubonic to commit an online theft -- with the condition that he, in turn, hire Lindy to help. Lindy's supposed form of payment: information about Sara.

Ultimately, the task was never completed: She and Ben fell in love and, fearful that the sting was too dangerous, he arrested his paramour to keep her away from Bubonic -- and out of the CCU's clutches.

More drama followed: The file led Lindy to the CCU basement, where she found -- and answered -- a ringing cellphone.

"They don't love you -- not like I do," said the creepy voice of the Flirtual Killer. But why call when you can say hi in person? Before long, the murderer appeared (face hidden, of course) in the flesh.

"Have you figured it out yet?" he asked. "They're all liars." And with that, he was gone.

Storming back upstairs, Lindy ran into Tommy -- and unleashed her anger.

"You lied to me," she said. "You and Catherine tried to set me up, but Ben arrested me to save me from the two of you. You used me … you used my sister."

Tommy began to stammer an explanation, but Lindy wouldn't listen. "You and me, and this -- whatever this is -- it's over," she said, walking out of the CCU.

So it looks like Lindy and Tommy's budding romance -- and working relationship -- has hit quite a snag. From what it seems, the detective was perfectly willing to use Lindy with no regard for her safety. Then again, Tommy was doing his job and trying to nab the super-dangerous Bubonic -- and all this happened before he clearly had feelings for Lindy.

But what do you think? Should Lindy forgive Tommy, or should she never, ever trust him again?

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