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Wiz Khalifa Finally Threw His Son A Birthday Party And The Love Is Unreal

Happy Birthday, Bash!

Wiz Khalifa was completely heart-broken this weekend when he missed the chance to celebrate his son's second birthday, but the proud papa finally got his chance to shower his little man with gifts and love on Thursday night.

Khalifa hit Insatgram on Friday (Feb. 27) and posted a couple of pictures and a adorable video of his son Sebastian (a.k.a. the Bash) calling out "My daddy" while playing with a toy airplane that we're assuming the Flight School MC got him for his birthday.

In another post, Wiz is giving Bash a hug and kiss while he's wearing a celebratory party hat. "I'll give you the world and everything in it. #BirthdayBash #TaylorGangPartyDontStop," he wrote to caption the photo.

Over the weekend, the rapper was broken up that he didn't get to see his son on his special day. On Saturday, he posted a few pics on Twitter and expressed his frustration for the world to see. "standing up for all fathers who need, deserve, or can't find help," he wrote. "as a man, and a dad you'll feel like ' I got this'. but who got us?"