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Hotel Tells Ed Sheeran Fans To Stay At A Dog Kennel Instead

The owner caused an outrage by thinking out loud.

Ed Sheeran fans in Ireland were disappointed when the Charleville Lodge Hotel refused to lower prices ahead of his July concerts in Dublin ... but they were outright insulted when the hotel's director went full-on troll on Facebook, reports

Hotelier Paul Stenson told Ed Sheeran fans hoping to book a room for his concert that if they think the room rates are too high at 279 euros ($313), they can feel free to take their lodging needs elsewhere. Specifically, a local homeless shelter or the Pet Boarding Kennels at the Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

"In case you weren't aware, an insanely talented, double Brit award winning singer-songwriter and musician is playing a sold out gig in a stadium under 15 minute’s walk from our hotel on these nights," Stenson wrote on Facebook. "If you are expecting reduced rates on these nights, you need your head examined more than I do."

He goes on to suggest the aforementioned "establishments [that] tend to be free of charge," which "may not have Snuggledown of Norway duvets and flat screen TV’s ... or 20 staff members looking after you (who surprisingly enough have to be paid), but I believe the accommodation is very adequate. At the end of the day, beggars can’t be choosers."

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The homeless shelter told that Stenson's comments were "an extremely inappropriate way to link to our services," which are "for vulnerable people with no other means to accommodation." And Sheeran's fans are likewise offended; the post received thousands of responses, and the hotel kept on berating them:

Stenson isn't backing down, telling an Irish radio station, "We’re charging 279 euros because people are willing to pay 279 euros. ... If they had a car to sell and they could get 10,000 euros for it, why the hell would they sell it for 5,000 euros?"

He also says he loves the attention from "haters," despite the fact they're leaving a bunch of one-star reviews for his establishment. Maybe this will all end with some "Ed Sheeran Swoops In To Pay For Fans' Hotel Rooms" celebrity superhero act of saving the day?