Want To Start Your Own Record Label? This Teen Makes It Look Easy

Jarrett Koral founded Jett Plastic Recordings when he was 14.

Vinyl records hold a special, sacred place in the canon of music past and present. They're not just those things your parents had in high school, though you're extremely lucky if you get to inherit those things (thanks for the Led Zeppelin III album, dad). In fact, according to Digital Music News, vinyl sales have been growing like crazy - more records were sold in 2014 than in 1993.

From this age-old record frenzy, a new arbiter of awesomeness has emerged: Detroit native Jarrett Koral who is now 16, started his own record label, Jett Plastic Recordings, when he was just 14 years old. Remember what you were doing when you were 14? (I don't ... I've mentally blocked out all of middle school and most of high school).

Jarrett told WDIV, a local news station in Detroit, that he first got involved in record pressing in 2012. Local indie musician Greg Beyer of After Dark Amusement Park told Jarrett that he was making a record and needed help with the vinyl; in true entrepreneurial spirit, Jarrett decided to seize the opportunity. "I said, ‘OK, I’ll do it,’ without really telling anybody,” he told WDIV.

Consequence of Sound reports that in two years, Jarrett has pressed records for 12 bands, including Macaulay Culkin's group, The Pizza Underground, who spoke with MTV News in 2013:

Regarding his success, Jarrett told MTV News, "It's really amazing, and I wasn't expecting it at all! I've been working for so long on it, it's great to finally get some recognition and to finally see people interested in the label!"

Jarrett also told us that he would "love to release a record by either Daniel Johnston or Ty Segall."

Congrats on rockin' the music industry, Jarrett! You can check out Jett Plastic Recordings here.

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