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Kelly Clarkson Had No Idea She Was Covering Tokio Hotel's Song

Kelly was 'not trying to disrespect' the band with her version.

When Kelly Clarkson released her song, "Run, Run, Run," everyone thought she was covering Tokio Hotel...well everyone, except for Kelly.

The pop star dropped her version of the sweeping ballad, which features John Legend, and everyone loved it, including Tokio Hotel.

But as it turns out, Kelly had no idea that the band's version of the song even existed.

In fact, the only version she ever heard was a piano/vocal that one of the writers sent two years ago.

Kelly, who said there are now "2 versions of a great song" goes on to say that she meant "no disrespect" not including them as writers on the song, which is featured on her upcoming album, since they "didn't write it according 2 publishers."

However, Bill and Tom Kaulitz are both credited as writers on their version of the song, which was featured on their 2014 album, Kings of Suburbia.

Whatever the case may be, Kelly wants to assure fans that she is not ripping off Tokio Hotel because she would "would never do that 2 any artist."