Who Killed [SPOILER] On 'How To Get Away With Murder?' You Decide

Someone had to do it.

[Major spoilers for the "How To Get Away With Murder" finale lie ahead!]

Just when we thought we'd solved every murder on Middleton University's blood-soaked campus, the "How to Get Away With Murder" finale pulled a number on us by revealing the corpse of one Rebecca Sutter (RIP, literally no one will miss you), the mascara-lovin' sour puss girlfriend of Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch).

And while everybody's first instinct was obviously to say "duh, Frank did it," ABC quickly pulled yet another number on us by revealing that Frank (Charlie Weber) thought Annalise (Viola Davis) did it... and vice versa. So theoretically, they're both out of the running -- though the fact that Frank killed Lila and very effectively lied about it all season means he's still sort of on the short list. Dude has no boundaries.

MTV News' shortlist -- as of now -- is Bonnie (Liza Weil) for being shady as f--k and having an overwhelming desire to please Annalise after hitting on her husband, and Wes, because the way he was crying in Annalise's lap was a major red flag. Asher (Matt McGorry) on the other hand almost certainly didn't do it, because he was with that new attorney at the time (right?) and still has literally no clue what's going on.

But hey, our whacked out conspiracy theories don't really matter -- it's up to you to decide who the latest killer is on "HTGAWM." Vote in the ranker below, and defend your pick in the comments!