Molly Tarlov's Instagram

The 'Awkward' Ladies Have Officially Weighed In On #DressGate

Apparently, the internet controversy even reached Palos Hills.

While the internet was collectively losing its s**t over a certain dress -- is it white/gold or blue/black? -- the "Awkward" ladies were busy modeling a few unique frocks and weighing in on the controversial attire. Unfortunately, the MTV girls didn't get their paws on the mind-boggling sequined and satin goodness...

Molly Tarlov's Instagram

"Greer rocking this gorgeous white dress with blue gloves," Molly Tarlov jokingly captioned the above Instagram snap, featuring Miss Golden Globe herself in powder-blue, princess-like garb. Looking like Cinderella, G!

Meanwhile, the actress who portrays sassy Sadie Saxton swapped her trademark cheerleading uniform for the sleek number below -- and appropriately asked her Instagram followers their opinion on its hue.

Molly Tarlov's Instagram

And FTR, Moll thinks that #TheDress is the "colors of my favorite Backstreet Boys Album #blackandblue." Along with Taylor Swift, Mindy Kaling, Justin Bieber and Kanye West...

+ What do you think of the ladies' "Awkward" style? And because everyone is still buzzing about it, please share your thoughts about #DressGate below.