19 Reasons You're A Better Student Than Luke Skywalker

Is 'NO' in your vocabulary? Didn't think so!

Luke Skywalker began his journey as a simple farmer boy, before becoming a heroic Jedi Knight who saved the galaxy. But the transition from Tatooine teen to lightsaber-wielding lionheart was not an easy one — largely because, quite frankly, Skywalker was one of the worst students ever.

Think about it! He disobeyed direct orders from his instructors, regularly quit challenges when they got too tough, and picked fights with people way outside his class range. All hallmarks of a really bad student.

You might not have a degree in Jedi Knighthood, but I guarantee you that you're a better student than the "Star Wars" hero. Here's why:

  1. When faced with a challenge, you never say
  2. When sitting in class, you don't just stare off into space.
  3. That's because you're not a space cadet.
  4. You attack your problems with appropriate tools.
  5. And you don't blame the tools when you can't solve the problem.
  6. You never lose your head.
  7. No amount of course work is too daunting for you.
  8. You don't try to copy your friend's answers.
  9. Instead, you work together ahead of time to make sure you both succeed.
  10. You never owe your teacher an overdue assignment.
  11. You don't kiss in front of your class mates.
  12. You keep your hands to yourself.
  13. You don't miss class because you were up all night starting fires.
  14. You never let any challenge be a burden on your back.
  15. You never try. You just do.
  16. When faced with the impossible, you never say
  17. "No" and "impossible" are for losers.
  18. And you're not a loser, are you?
  19. No. No, you are not.