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Someone Else Wrote That Zendaya Hair Comment For Giuliana Rancic?

Billy Bush says Rancic had nothing to do with that 'patchouli oil and weed' crack.

The great Zendaya/Giuliana Rancic debate continues. After Zendaya criticized "Fashion Police" co-host Rancic for her derogatory comments about the debut on Sunday of Z's new locs on the Oscar red carpet, Rancic apologized in a tweet. Then Rancic apologized once more and Zendaya accepted with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. about tolerance.

And now, according to Access Hollywood anchor Billy Bush, there are reports that Rancic didn't even come up with the insulting quip speculating that the Disney star's locs probably smelled like "patchouli oil and weed," but that a writer on the staff of "Police" wrote it for her to say during the show's taping.

Bush said he texted with Rancic this week and asked if it was true that the controversial segment was taped three times with no concerns raised and if co-host Kelly Osbourne stopped the filming at one point and said the joke had to go because it was offensive to her friend Z.

"None of that is true," Bush said. "I actually texted Giuliana and said, 'did you guys tape that three times?' She sends back, 'absolutely not.'" Instead, he said, the episode was taped all the way through and then cut down later to fit into the one-hour time slot.

After some reporting, Bush said he discovered that the "weed" comment was a joke written by one of the show's staff writers and not by Rancic. "Which means there that were a lot of people involved [and] nobody saw racism in this at all," he said. "I don't think they would have put it on the air several hours later if there was."