Kim Convinced Kanye Not To Get A Face Tat, So He Got This Ink Instead

'Ye honored his mother and North in two new wrist pieces.

Sometimes it's best to listen to the wife. Like, for instance, when she counsels you that getting a tattoo on your face is not a great idea right now. Maybe later, but not now.

That scenario appears to have gone down on Thursday when Kanye West went in to get some fresh ink and Kim convinced him to skip the needle to the face.

Instead, Kanye went for the wrist, getting Roman numerals on each one honoring the birth dates of the couple's daughter, North West, and of his late mother, Donda, on his wrists.

Is it all part of the kinder, gentler Kanye West? The one who tweeted out apologies to Beck and Bruno Mars on Thursday after feeling bad for earlier shots taken? Who knows, but for the moment, at least, no ink on the face.