Artist To Watch: Here's Why You're About To Fall In OctaLove With Ryn Weaver

Charli XCX and Paramore already know what's up.

You have to be pretty brave to name your first single "OctaHate" -- the puns are basically all there if the masses aren't into it. Lucky for Artist To Watch Ryn Weaver, it seems like the public has nothing but love for her delicate yet driving jams.

Joining the ranks of songwriting badasses like Charli XCX and Lorde, Ryn is pretty much primed to pop off in 2015, and you -- you fortunate soul, you -- are getting in on the ground floor today. Read up, get obsessed and, when her jams start owning the airwaves, brag to all your friends about how you knew about her first.

Who She Is

Bad breakups and Tinder are the fodder of nightmares for many a twentysomething these days -- but for Ryn Weaver, both of those things were pretty instrumental in launching her career. Born Aryn Wüthrich in San Diego, California, Weaver moved to New York to attend New York University -- an experience that didn't really pan out that well at the time. While in school, the young musician was dating a dude who was all wrong for her, but at a party at which he was flirting it up with other ladies, Weaver met Benny Blanco, who became kind of a single-serving support friend for that night alone. Or so it seemed.

After her relationship fell apart -- and with NYU wearing on her soul -- Weaver moved back to California to work on her music, running into Blanco a few years later when a friend came across his profile on Tinder. The friend hit up the producer, and they hung out with him at his birthday party -- to which the enterprising Weaver brought her SoundCloud account and her A-game. Soon after, Blanco signed the singer to his label, Friends Keep Secrets, a subsidiary of Interscope Records, and the rest, they clichéd-ly say, is history.

Weaver began paling around and working with the likes of Charli XCX, Passion Pit and Cashmere Cat, and when she released her first single, "Octahate" -- inspired by that fateful not-so-awesome boyfriend -- in June 2014, her new friends blew up her track. It wasn't just her famous pals that caused the self-described #fairypop jam to explode, however -- it was Ryn's ethereal voice, and her emotional and tight songwriting. Also, you know, it's just a jam.

An EP, Promises, followed in August, and your obsession, friends, begins NOW. Ryan's debut LP is slated to drop this year. Hayley Williams, for one, is stoked.

What You Should Listen To

Ryn only has an EP out now, so you really should listen to EVERYTHING -- but if you're pressed for time because you are a very important person or whatever, check out my two personal favorite tracks, "OctaHate" and "Promises."

Why You Should Listen

I feel like you should probably be convinced by now -- because she's a badass and basically found a point for Tinder, etc. -- but if you need extra persuading, I'll let Ryn do it in the video above.

What's Next?

Well, basically we're all just waiting for her debut LP to drop. But when it does, I predict -- you can quote me on this -- it will be replete with all your spring/summer/winter/fall jams for seasons to come. Oh! And she's also playing Coachella, Bonnaroo AND Firefly so you basically have no excuse for FOMOing.

No OctaHate

And, in the meantime, you can join the legions of fans with are already in OctaLoooooove. Check 'em out below and tweet your own praise to @RyWeaver.