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Jay Z Called Chance The Rapper With Some Madonna-Related Advice

Hov thinks Chano can become a 'new icon.'

Chance the Rapper and Madonna have forged a friendship over the last year or so -- with the Queen of Pop giving Chano a scooter late last year, and then featuring him on her track "Iconic," off of her Rebel Heart album, out this month.

And it sounds like, of all people, Jay Z and Frank Ocean are to thank for the unlikely bond.

"I met her through Frank Ocean, who's a friend of mine," Chance explained on Power 105's "the Breakfast Club" radio show in New York, adding that he is "close friends" with Madge. "He brought her to a show once in L.A. Madonna knows what's up; she comes to what she thinks is poppin'. She came through, Frank had put her on to the music...she came through a show, we met real quick, we didn't talk for a while and then..."

And then, well -- and then Jay Z.

"We were at some festival," the Chicago native continued, "and I got a call from Jay Z and he was like, 'Yo, Madonna asked me to get on this record, this iconic record about icons...and I think that it'd be better if somebody that was a new person, that I think could be a new icon got on the record.'"

So, not only did Hov call Chance (he actually called his manager, he later clarified -- but still), but he also either pawned off a Madonna guest spot or graciously paid one forward, and he thinks the 21-year-old can be a "new icon."

Apparently, Jigga is a fan.

"Jay Z had us play the Made in America festival last year; him and his wife came and checked out our set."

His wife is Beyoncé, by the way.

Chance and The Social Experiment's upcoming release Surf is on the way...eventually.

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