Watch This Man Fart Into A Microphone For $225

One New Yorker wasn't afraid to let 'er rip on 'Broke A$$ Game Show.'

Would you fart into a microphone for $225? Duh, that's an easy one. We'd do just about anything for cold hard cash.

During tonight’s "Broke A$$ Game Show," hosts David Magidoff and Derek Gaines had a mighty tough time finding a volunteer to pass gas over a loud speaker in Times Square. Their rate quickly increased from $150 to $225, until one brave soul stepped up to the mic, ready to blow.

With only one question on their minds, the hosts asked Tooter McGee what he'd had to eat that day: "McDonald's," Fartypants replied. Quarter Pounders and fries aren't exactly known for their gas-boosting abilities, but nonetheless, Sir Farts-a-lot let a teeny, tiny squeak rip for all of New York to hear, resulting in a fat wad of cash. His ass song was more Miss Piggy and less Mariah Carey, but still... success!

Check out the clip below and tell us — how much would it take for you to break wind in front of a live audience? Honestly? We'd do it for the price of a Starbucks latte. No shame. And be sure catch an all-new "Broke A$$ Game Show" next Thursday at 10/9c!