Taylor Swift And Kim Kardashian Are Officially Best Friends: Look At The Pics

And Karlie Kloss approves!

Looks like Taylor Swift can add another BFF to her crew: Kim Kardashian.

The two have been partying it up at award shows recently, taking pics together, mingling with each other's friends and dancing. You know, all the things that girls do when they are on the fast track to being besties.

Don't believe me? Let's look at the evidence.

Nothing But Love

Taylor and Kanye put their differences behind them at the Grammy Awards, which gave the two girls the go-ahead to forge a friendship.

We Will Be Friends

I would imagine this is the moment that Taylor turned to Kim and said you can now enter my inner circle of awesome besties.

Hug It Out

Of course Kim said yes.

Karlie Approves

At the BRIT Awards, Taylor got approval from her other bestie, Karlie Kloss, to bring Kim K into the group. I mean, who would really say no Mrs. West? No one.

No Group Of Friends Should Have All That Power

Seriously, bow down.

The Friends That Dance Together

Stay friends forever.